Mission Specifics
UPDATED: 10/01/2014

Convolution 2015
This is a Black Hole event
Dates: Sept 2-3, 2015
StarFire Members:
Klingon uniform REQUIRED!

Hyatt Regency Sam Francisco Airport
1333 Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA

UPDATE!!! If you plan on staying at the hotel you must make reservations when their block opens (it should be announced in Jan 2015.  Do not forget to mention you are there for Convolution otherwise they will say they are full. Hotel rates are $TBD per night.

The Black Hole will definitely be there.
Special Note:  For this even we are using a Hotel Suite a.k.a. a Party Suite. Plenty of floors space to crash on and storage space for your stuff

Thursday Evening Oct 1st: Starting around 3pm, we will be setting up the bar. Any help we can get woud be appreciated.

Friday Night Oct 2nd: 8:00pm - The Black Hole opens - Klingon Sports night. This is the day and night to wear your sports jersey with your Klingon head piece. The Black Hole will close aroudn 1am.

Saturday Night Oct 3rd : 8:00pm - The Black Hole opens -  Klingon Armor Night. This is the day and night to wear your Klingon uniform. The Black Hole will close around 1am

Sunday Morning Oct 4th, around 10am,  we will be taking down the var. We could use your  help even friends of friends (althoug they may not be friends after this).


For more information, questions or whatever, contact the DevwI' of this mission:

DevwI' (the person in charge)




If you plan on attending this Mission you should
check back to this page periodically for any updates.