Kalendar of upcoming Missions

for the StarFire Region of the Ring of Fire Fleet
Updated 04/06/2015


List of Eyes of Kahless that have been awarded.

The ships of Honor
Former ships of the StarFire Region, Ring of Fire Fleet

For DETAILED information about each event, Click the MISSION SPECIFICS!

Our goal: A minimum of 1 event per month!
Not participating n/a May 22 - 25 2015 Santa Clara Hyatt
Santa Clara, CA
BayCon 2015 We will NOT be at BayCon this year with the Bar. Also we were asked NOT to do the Slave Auction either. NO
IKV Bloodlust TBD June ??, 2015 TDB Oakland Marriot City Center
Oakland CA
Evolution Expo 2015 I just discovered the con. The link currently points to 2014 as the new page is not up yet. NO
IKV Midnight Dagger July 4, 2014 Aptos CA Aptos Parade With the exception of last year, we have been attending this parade for 10 years. NO
TBD Tentative July 2-5. 2015 Town and Country Resort & Conference Center
San Diego, CA
Westercon 68 Although the StarFire has never formally attended in the last, we have heard nothing but good things about this convention. Se we are looking into it. NO
TBD Tentative July 9 - 12, 2015 San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA
Comic-Con 2015 Although the full site is not up, this is the link to their main site. IF you are planning to go, contact KataH as soon as possible NO
StarFire Region Aug 6-9, 2015 The Rio Suites Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Note: Room block is now open - sells out quickly!
Creation Star Trek Convention LARGEST Star Trek con around. Their website is now up with some basic information. NO
Black Hole Oct 2-4, 2015
2nd- Sports Night
3rd - Full Armor
San Francisco Airport Hyatt
Burlingame, CA
Convolution 2015 We return once again to one of our favorite conventions. NO



Host Ship / Bar: The listed ship is actually hosting the event or in some cases the Black Hole bar or an individual. Contact members of that ship or the DevwI' for further information.

Mission Specifics: This link will provide more detailed information about the mission. To include information about the who, what, where, when and the DevwI'. wa' Qu'vaD wa' DevwI' tu'lu' Translation: For one mission, there is one leader.
The DevwI' is the person that is the primary contact for an event for all Klingons of the StarFire Region.
K.L.O.A.K.E.D. Mission: Klingons Leaving Our Armor Keeping Earther Dresscode. In other words, No Uniforms!
Klingon Day: This is the day and/or night selected for All Klingons of the StarFire Region to attend in full uniform.
ISS Hornet Day: This is the day and/or night for those that have a Mirror Mirror uniforms should appear.
PotA Day: This is the day day and/or night for those that have Planet of the Apes outfits should appear.
Eye of Kahless: This indicates if an Eye of Kahless will be awarded for this event. Click here for more information.


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