StarFire Region Membership Application      version 1.6

Ring of Fire Fleet


The StarFire Region of the Ring of Fire Fleet, includes all of California just north of Bakersfield and all of Nevada just north of Las Vegas.
If you live outside these boundaries then your application will be forwarded to the proper Regent.

If you are serious about being Klingon and you want to join the fun, then this is the application for you.

You will complete the following information.


  State:   Zipcode:
Home Telephone Number, area code first:
Email address (if any):
Date of Birth:
(Note: If you are under 21 we need to know.)
Klingon Name (if any):
  Klingon House (if any):

I want to join (please indicate which):   Specific ship:      or Ship nearest my location.
Which Branch of the Ring of Fire Fleet do you wish to be a part of? (Select One)
 Naval Officer    Marine Officer    Marine Enlisted

Other basic information.

Where did you first see and/or meet us?:

Are you currently a member of, or have you been a part of another Uniformed Fan Group?:                Yes   No
         If yes, please include information such as the name of the organization and any position you held and/or rank (if any), etc.


 Who contacted you about our Club (if anyone):

Do you already have a Klingon uniform?:  Yes   No
        If yes, please indicate the date of your first appearance in uniform:

I want someone to contact me about getting a Klingon Headpiece made.  Yes   No
I want someone to contact me about getting a Klingon Uniform made.  
Yes   No

Just a note before you submit this form. There is some validation that is done before this form is sent to StarFire Command.
If there is an error you will get an error report. To make a correction DO NOT use the Return to Form link at the bottom.
Instead use your browser's Back button. This way the data on your form is still intact otherwise the Return erases your data.

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