StarFire Region - Mission Proposal Form


If you want to propose an Assault Mission or a KLOAKED Mission then this is the form to use. It is recommended that the DevwI' of this mission complete the form as that is the person who is responsible for the organization and success of the Mission

What type of Mission are you proposing?:  Assault Mission (Uniforms required) KLOAKED Mission (No Uniforms)

Who is the DevwI':


Human Name:


DevwI' Email address:

Mission Information    

Title of Mission:

  Costs to the participant (entry fees, etc):
Date(s) of Mission (Only list the actual mission date even if the event is multiple days):

Location and/or Address of Mission:                            

Description of Mission (as much detail as possible- space permitting). If a multiple date mission, be specific by date:

Food and Drink Availability (places to eat, costs, etc): If an Assault Mission, where can people change?:
Parking (where to park, include fees - if any):     Public Transportation availability (Bus, Train, etc)

Are you planning on inviting any other groups to join us?
If so, who are they and what will they be doing?:

What you, as the DevwI', have done so far?:


Associated Event - If this Mission is associated with an actual event (Convention, Parade, etc),
Please provide the name and a brief description of the Associated Event:     Any contact information:
List the website URL (if any) of this Associated Event:                             Date(s) of Associated Event:

After Mission Completion Plans
Describe what is happening once the Mission is over.
(After Mission party, Dinner/Lunch, Nothing-Just going home, etc)

Just a note before you submit this form. There is some validation that is done before this form is sent to StarFire Command.
If there is an error you will get an error report. To make a correction DO NOT use the Return to Form link at the bottom.
Instead use your browser's Back button. This way the data on your form is still intact otherwise the Return erases your data.



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