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Updated 08/08/2014
bIje'be'chugh vaj bIHegh.
Buy or Die.

I have found an online source for the Aluminum Measuring cup that Star Trek used as the primary Klingon Drinking Cup.

Cost is $3.83ea. Shipping is estimated at $7.25 to $7.96 for up to 4 cups. $14.62 for 5 or more cups (and goes up from there).



These items are being sold by Mike Wilson
Other Pin (a.k.a. Honor Pin) $10ea
1 Left
Klingon Large Dagger Pin $10ea
SOLD OUT as of 3/5/2014

Known as the 'Homeworld' Pin $14ea
1 Left
Klingon Trifoil Pin $10ea
1 Left



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