Awards specific to the StarFire Region of the
Ring of Fire Fleet

All awards on this page have been designed by jIl'Qun (Tom Twohy)

Legion of the Triad

These are the StarFire Region's TOP awards.
Legion of Kor (for Longevity and Strength), Legion of Kang (for Leadership and Motivation), and the Legion of Koloth (for Creativity and Honor). Only one of each award may be earned. What does it take to earn these awards? Time, effort, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, etc… During the Day of Honor celebration, one of these are awarded to an individual.
 You do not have to be a member of the StarFire Region to receive or earn these awards, you must however be a uniformed Klingon. If other Klingon groups participate and want to start earning these awards then all they have to do is notify the epetai of the Houses of Heck'Lher and e'toH.

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Legion of Koloth
jIl'Qun epetai-e'toH
qraS sutai-pachDoq
Ko'Rah tai-Veska

Legion of Kang
KataH epetai-Heck'Lher
Koll Keg vestai-e'toH
Legion of Kor
Mara sutai-pachDoq
Karn sutai-Heck'Lher

Eye of Kahless

StarFire Region list of Eyes of Kalhess Awards


The EYE OF KAHLESS Awards (Not shown)

§         The Eye of Kahless awards are only awarded during a Day of Honor or A Good Day to Dine celebration such as the Kristmas Karnage Party. More than one may be earned at a time. They are small and triangular in shaped with a side length of about 1/2".

§         You start by receiving 1 then 2 then the 3rd Eye of Kahless pins. You may wear them anywhere on your uniform, sash, boots, etc, at any time. Since the only time these awards are handed out are during the events noted above, it is reasonable to expect you to proudly display these awards during that time (with the notable exception of the Kristmas Karnage Party which is a cloaked event - Ie. no uniforms).

§         There are 3 such Eye of Kahless and you never wear more than 3 at a time. The reason for this is that when you earn your 4th Eye of Kahless you replace the previous 3 awards with a special Cluster award (this has 4 Eye of Kahless awards as a single pin and is somewhat larger than a single Eye of Kahless).

§         Cluster awards are earned each time you are awarded your 4th Eye of Kahless. Do not throw away your previous Eye of Kahless for as you complete a Cluster, further Eye of Kahless pins are not physically given to you. You are expected to reuse your previous ones.

§         Example:

§         DoKH has received three Eye of Kahless at the previous Day of Honor. This Day of Honor he is to receive his 4th Eye of Kahless, or in his case a Cluster award, and another Eye of Kahless (starting towards his next Cluster). He now removes the three previous Eye of Kahless replacing them with a Cluster, then he adds one of his previous Eye of Kahless awards. At the next Day of Honor celebration he is awarded two more Eyes of Kahless. Since he already has those pins he simply adds them to his uniform proudly displaying a Cluster with 3 Eye of Kahless. His next award, if he earns one, would be a Cluster award replacing the three Eyes. And so the process continues.


Who controls these awards?

The Houses of Heck'Lher and e'toH have control over these awards for the time being. This is something the two houses designed in an effort to get Klingons recognized for their hard work and fun. Therefore the epetai of these two Houses, KataH and jIl'Qun, will announce whether an event is an Eye of Kahless event or not.


The Eye of Kahless: Care and Feeding

So you have earned an Eye of Kahless, what next? 


There are 3 Eye of Kahless awards, slightly different design but they represent the same thing. There is also a Cluster award which replaces 4 Eye of Kahless awards at one time.

§        As with the Legion awards above you do not have to be a member of the StarFire Region to receive to earn these awards, you must however be a uniformed Klingon. If other Klingon groups participate and want to start earning these awards then all they have to do is notify the Houses of Heck'Lher and e'toH

§         Each is earned when you either participate in or help with a Klingon event. Note: At least 2 different ships must participate with 6 or more Klingons in uniform at the event for the event to qualify. Examples are;

§         Conventions, by participating on stage in uniform (not just showing up).

§         Glory Days: WaterWar, by attending the function and having a good time (no uniform required).

§         Opening of a New Star Trek Film, by making an appearance in uniform.

§         Making a paid appearance for any reason.

§         Working with your local Non-Profit group at an all day function, either in uniform if practical or in a Klingon support way. Example: Not just donating blood at a Blood Feud but by planning the event and getting other ships involved. Awards for an Eye of Kahless are on a case to case basis.

§         A notable exception to this is the Black Hole - A Klingon Recreational Outpost that we do at FurCom, BayCom, and Convolution each year. We are planning a separate unrelated award for those events as the amount of effort contributed to those type of events is much greater.


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